What is God

God is formless, god is everyone, say many people, the approach to god is very personal and variant from person to person.

But, true god is cosmic egg that vibrates a particular frequency, the cosmic egg is called kooshmanda or hiranya garbha, inside every cosmic is a universe.

For example, if we consider the universe we live in, it started when one cosmic egg was born ,and it went through highly energetic nuclear transformation that gave birth through everything we are experiencing now.

All scientific theories on improvement keep on suggesting that there smaller particles in smaller particles on Further research in Sub- atomic physics  in CERN, but it fails to take into account that inside every so called atom or nucleus or whatever fancy they come up with each sub- atomic particle they come up with like strings, quarks, bosons, all of them are basically cosmic eggs that vibrate at a fundamental frequency equal to that of “Om kaaram”.

So, in-short inside every universe,  there is another sub- universe,  going on and on, inside every string or atom or quark or boson, there are smaller universes which follow the rules of fundamental vibration and energy reverberation. 

The easiest way to experience this  cosmic  vibration or so called god is through naada yoga (chanting) , where we repeatedly make sounds with trial and error until the stress marks reach a level that resonate with the fundamental frequency of cosmic vibration of cosmic egg, this is called experiencing god or cosmos.Top Vedic mantras of sanskrit

“Hreem kleem shreem sharada jyeshtaa namah”