My Top 5 moments from F1 Season 2020

Formula 1 season 2021 is round the corner with teams completing their pre-season testing early this month and the first race weekend starts this Friday. With moments like Vettel being dropped from Ferrari’s contract mid-season to allegations of Racing Point’s car to be similar to that of 2019 championship winning Mercedes AMG silver arrow, we saw quite a lot of controversies and interesting events in what can be called as one of the shortest seasons in the history of Formula 1 (courtesy of the pandemic). Let’s have a look back at my top 5 events from last season.

5. Vettel signing with Aston Martin:

When Ferrari announced in May 2020 that 4-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel was being dropped from Ferrari’s contract, the F1 fans especially the fans of Vettel did not take it too kindly to the decision. It was no surprise that Ferrari themselves were struggling after the Power Unit investigation went against them, but dropping a driver mid-season was in my guess the worst decision a team can ever make. But like every cloud has a silver lining, the story had a twist not until the later half of the season with the news of Aston Martin (then BWT Racing Point) signing up Vettel alongside Lance Stroll for 2021. Though this decision costed Sergio Perez’s seat (will talk about it later), I feel with the pace that Racing Point showed this season (ahem), it’s a relief that Vettel gets to drive a competitive car this season.

4. Gasly’s sweeping victory at Monza:

If redemption has to be explained using an example, what better way than Gasly proving it to the likes of Christian Horner (Team principle of Red Bull Racing). Starting alongside his replacement in Red Bull, Alex Albon, at P10, Pierre Gasly dominated with the Alpha Tauri after the restart of the race. You may call it luck, but I say it’s cashing in the opportunity. That is what Formula 1 has been all about all these years.

3. Hamilton equals Schumacher’s record of 7 World Champion titles:

This has to be definitely on my list. Some would say that Mercedes AMG DAS technology helped with the race wins, but leaving the controversy aside, it’s no doubt that Sir Lewis Hamilton is just a phenomenal driver on the grid. Equaling the number (7) of driver championship world titles with the legend Michael Schumacher will just be (I dare say) an unbeatable feat in the coming years by any driver.  The Turkish Grand Prix in which Sir Lewis Hamilton sealed the Driver Championship title points was tricky but Hamilton just proved the world that he is the best driver out there (with the best car ahem!).

2. Checo’s switch to Red Bull:

Okay, right of the bat let me just make myself clear that there can be a lot of debate on this topic by Gasly & Albon’s fans, but Racing Point leaving Perez for Vettel must have been a hard gamble for them. He also proved that he is a champion with his Race win and I would certainly leave watching Formula 1 if Checo had no seat for 2021 (of course I would watch, but I would be disappointed). Thanks to Red Bull, my stint will continue as they signed Checo and decided to keep Albon as backup driver. Checo in a competitive car and we might as well witness a team rivalry between Max and Checo. One more reason to stay glued to this Season, eh?

1. George Russell:

Right, so my first is not a moment but a driver itself. From placing the slowest car on the grid in second qualifying sessions, outqualifying his teammate 36 times in a row and almost dominating the race in his opportunity to race under Mercedes AMG at Shakir Grand Prix (if not for the worst tyre strategy by Mercedes), if there was one driver that I had to pick was my favorite in 2020 season with respect to talent it would be none other that George Russell. No wonder he dominates the Esports F1 events. With Hamilton only having one year contract with Mercedes now, this is the season where Russell has a point to prove to Mercedes with Williams future unclear.

There you have it, my top 5 moments from 2020 season. Let me know in the comments what are your top 5 moments from the previous season and who would win the title this year.

Kaushik Panja

An engineer, blogger and most importantly, a Motorsports fan.