Soura Mandala Quotes

1. In the whole chaotic universe, one of the ultimate truths is change, we will grow into better people if we start embracing change instead of resisting it.

2. To learn impartiality and treat everyone equally, we need to embrace Sun’s quality of shining on everyone regardless of the person’s deed, gender, age status and stature.

3. If the world feels shrouded with an undefeatable apparent darkness, then become the source of light that lights other lamps and collectively overwhelms the darkness .

4. An individual will always have better choices-oppurtunities in career-passion-hobbies, but the key to happiness and mental peace lies in being content with what we have and striving hard for what we need or want with no expectations !

5. Most of the relationship’s crisis will be solved if both the individuals start thinking about their happiness than striving for their own individual happiness respecting their personal space

6. Anytime you miss a person, bless them to have a blissful, prosperous life and also pray for yourself to have a blissful, prosperous life.

7. One must either have 100% faith, trust in themselves or in god, and do their work sincerely or else; one will always lead a life of constant fear, panic, and anxiety.

8. Myths and legends exist only , because they deeply reflect the fear, needs, desires and ambitions of the societies that existed in that era. It is better to grasp the moral and apply them in real life in accordance to our situation, rather than question and deny their occurrence.

9. Never reveal your true potential to people, work hard in silence with sincere faith and let success celebrate for you.

10. Never argue with the drunk, the foolish or the egoistic people.

11. The only goal of a god is to selflessly cherish, nourish and guide everyone irrespective of individual’s circumstances, will power, thought process .The ideal living examples of gods are Sun, Earth, Moon, Water, Fire, and Sky.

12. Crying or grieving doesn’t make anyone weak, a person who is unable to accept , embrace these emotions is truly weak and can never let go of them.
So, one is allowed to cry, scream, but one has to become aware, let it go and never give up on themselves.

13. Our ultimate goal in life is to shine as bright as the Sun so that no darkness can survive against us.

14.Never make promises when you’re happy and never hurt someone when you’re frustrated/sad. Words are like an arrow ,once they leave the quiver, they cannot be recalled and their impact is permanent. Always, try to stay stable, calm and relaxed irrespective of your circumstances, and your mood.

15.If someone has something you deeply want, don’t feel jealous, be happy that they were blessed with that,and pray, work for yourself heartfully to gain the aspect/thing you deeply want.

16. There are two steps to be followed after committing a grave mistake. First step become aware ,accept your mistake and apologise for it if possible . Second step, vow never to repeat it , repentance without learning a lesson is worthless.

17. Anything obtained instantaneously, with no effort , is temporary and short-lived. Things obtained through consistent patience, hardwork and sincere effort are more rewarding, long lasting because the journey we go through, to obtain them makes us realise their value and cherish it.

18. Never compete with anyone , the only competition we must have is to compete with ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves we can. Compete with your version of yesterday to be a better person today, because everyone is unique and has their own potential.

19. If one believes in god, then always pray for will-power and courage to overcome any situation. Also, pray for the power to make the right decision and guide oneself to walk in the right path under all circumstances. These prayers never go unanswered.

20. One usually confuses between what one needs vs what one wants and makes oneself miserable often. To understand the difference, one must question oneself,” Will my life not sustain in absence of a particular thing I am worrying about?” and once the one finds the answer, one can act accordingly.

21. Change your wish from ,” I want happiness, fortune and good health ” , to ” I wish happiness , fortune and good health for everyone “, only then a human becomes humane.

22. A person who cannot love oneself, can never truly love anyone else, and such individual’s all relationships are bound to fail.